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About us

With over 20 years of experience, we’re passionate about making sure your pet has an enjoyable, safe and healthy stay with us. Lisa was the Managing Editor of a major pet magazine for eight years and the articles she writes about have a focus on pet nutrition, behaviour and community. Many dog years ago, she worked at the SPCA in Wellington, New Zealand as a supervisor. Passionate about pet health wellbeing, she's always researching articles and scientific studies on animal health and issues.


We always ask a lot of questions in relation to your expectations and your pets needs. Having a successful ‘meet and greet’ is important to assess whether your pet is suitable to stay with us.

Simply put 'meet and greets' are made prior to us accepting a dog booking. It's important for us to meet your dog and we always do this on 'neutral territory'. Neutral territory is arranged a short walk from our place, so your dog can meet us and therefore assess suitability for a stay. 

Our place is situated in Bardwell Park which is a lovely leafy suburb. Like its name, we have an abundance of parks - many are dog friendly. 

A lot of our clients come from local suburbs but we also have a growing clientele of people wanting to place their dog in a location close to airport. We are 4.5Ks to the Airport and seven minutes walk to Bardwell Park Station which is on the Airport line - 3 stops to Domestic Terminal and 4 stops to International Terminal. 

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