The Care We Give

We understand the importance of your pets routine, so we try to get as much information possible from our clients. We want to know what time your pet normally gets up and when they get fed. Some want early feeds and others like a more leisurely morning. 


We want to adhere to their routines so they have a comfortable experience, so your advice and guidelines are important to know.  

As our guest, your pet gets the run of the house and our secure, fenced yard. Some like to lounge on the couch and that's fine with us - but it might not be a habit you would want to entertain, so we just need to know. 

We provide a quiet-room for dogs that need a little time-out or just aren't feeling social. It's also a spot where they can eat their food in peace. 

Creature Comforts

Creature comforts are important so we ask that their bed is supplied - we feel that familiar smells from home are important and make your pet more comfortable. 

Changes in diet is not recommended so we ask their food is provided as no one wants upset tummies.

Other items to bring are:

  • Treats

  • Food Bowl (no need for a water bowl as we have these inside and outside)

  • Collar

  • Lead

  • Harness (if walked on a harness)

  • Medication (with instructions)

  • Supplements

  • Brush

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