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Pet Minding @ your house

Not everyone feels confident about leaving their pet in another persons home. We understand that, so we can offer Pet Minding at your house. This is especially good for people who have a dog,

cat or fish, birds or rabbits. Also we can make sure, while you're away:

  • mail is collected

  • plants are watered

  • rubbish bins are taken out and brought back in

  • poop is collected and disposed of

  • litter trays are cleaned and refreshed

  • and of course, quality time is spent with your loved pets who are home and not alone


It's really important to know that we offer this as a premium service. 

We need to have a proper meet and greet so we can run through your needs and expectations. 

Please note: We have current Federal Police Checks and can provide certification on meeting. 

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